Studio Offerings

24 x 48 Ettan Press

Printmaking services

  • collaborative printing
  • monotype workshops
  • relief and intaglio classes
  • contract printing of intaglio and relief print editions
Note: Contact me to set up a schedule for printing. 

I will instruct and assist with monotype,or print your edition in the media of relief and intaglio. My studio space provides two intaglio presses:

  • Ettan 24”x 48” press for works on 22 x 30" paper
  • German Craft Tool  14”x 24” intaglio press
The studio has one large 3' x 4' light table and two smaller light boxes. Acrylic plate sizes: 18 x 24, 18 x 18, 12 x 16, 11 x 10 and smaller. Various brayers and two large diameter 20" ink rollers for large roll outs of ink and blend rolls.

The following studio offerings are available to persons interested in producing original hand pulled prints.

Monotypes or Monoprints

·        Collaborative Printing- the individual will produce images using acrylic plates of various sizes. I will assist in the mixing of the inks, preparation of the paper, technical assistance in Chine colle’, single and multi plate registration, blend rolls, and press operation. I will provide: a variety of printing paper. Special paper must be ordered allow two weeks, (contact me for types and size), various sized acrylic plates, a variety of colored inks, brushes, brayers, and other materials. A 16 & 20 inch ink roller is provided for large roll-outs and blend rolls. Japanese paper for chine colle’ can be provided. You may provide your own special papers if desired. If you are interested in special process such as blend rolls, chine colle' or other techniques please notify me so we can meet and discuss this ahead of time.

Edition printing

·        Printing Relief Editions –Editions will be printed from previously prepared wood or linoleum blocks. Proofs will be run and consultation with the artist for producing a limited edition. Technical details will be discussed beforehand and the method of production such as reduction or multi-block printing, size of edition, color, paper type and size.

·        Printing Intaglio Editions- I will print editions from already prepared zinc, Solarplate TM ,acrylic or copper plates. Although I have the set-up for etching plates I am not providing the service of acid etching to artists due to the health risks. Only Solarplates, Dry point and engraved plates can be worked on in the studio. I also have a mezzotint rocker.

Studio fee for singular printing (monotypes) 6 hour session

Price of $250.00 Additional time is $25. Per hour

Come prepared with sketches and ideas so as not to use studio time getting ideas.

Approximate times:

The six hour printing session starts at nine and finishes at four o’clock. Start 9-12, bring a sack lunch 12-12:30/ 1:00, 1:00- 4:00.  A typical printing  six hour session results in 5-6 prints. *

Clean-up is provided. Prints are dried under cotton blotters and changed out every 24 hours until dry.  My press chop is applied to all prints.  Prints may be picked up when ready. Shipping and packaging is extra. ( see four hour session dtails below)

Objective for workshop:

  •  Introduction to the monotype process with a print demonstration using several techniques and examples.
  • Produce  multi-plate prints with various colored inks from a variety of acrylic plates.
What you will accomplish in the monotype workshop:

·        Your resulting prints will represent the subtractive and additive method using brayers, brushes, rags, cotton swabs, or other techniques.

·       chine colle' is also an option if there is interest.

Monotype Workshop (short session)

A four hour monotype workshop for two individuals

Instructional sessions for monotype are typically 4 hours.

Four hour monotype workshop-$175. per person. Studio facilities and materials for monotype: same as above

Time frame for four hour workshop session:

  • 8:30                Arrive at the studio
  • 8:30 - 9:15   Instruction on the process of the monotype 
  • 9:30-10:15    Preparing the plates,paper inks
  • 10:30- 12:30 Participants begin developing their plates for printing. Depending on the plate/image size and complexity  and the artists work habits you should be able to pull two prints depending on the size of the plate and the artists skills. 
Solarplate intaglio  Learn basic skills in making a Solarplate intaglio print edition.  This is a workshop consisting of two, five hours  days. You will explore making a unique composition on transparency film using water based opaque media. Using the transparency as your positive image you will expose a Solarplate to U.V. light which when etched with tap water will create your matrix for printing an edition of five prints and two proofs.Click this link for details of offering

Studio contract fee for printing editions of etchings, dry point, engravings and relief prints.

Pricing for edition printing is determined from the complexity of the print, number of plates or blocks, number of colors and techniques. Price on multi plates, size of plate and specialty plates will be determined on their complexity.There will be a minimum of 10 prints per edition.   Minimum price per print is $15.  Proofs are not part of the edition and are $12. each. Additional cost can be applied depending on the complexity of the print, medium, number of runs or size of the plate, paper or inks. Details to be worked out with the artist. The artist will approve any print before the edition is pulled. A proof print is pulled with the artist or shipped to the artist for approval. All shipping is at cost.  Prints are wrapped in acid free paper and carefully packaged for shipment. Insurance is extra.

Works will come with a  print documentation that can be copied by the artist if desired.

*In addition, Black Dog Press will will be entitled to one print from each edition or session(s). Or other considerations.

Papers and inks are provided and will be included in the fee.

Shipping and packing is extra.

**Prices are subject to change due the cost of paper and other materials.

         Black Dog Press

workshop at Hilton Head's Picture This Gallery
Studio space at Black Dog Press
Visiting artist at BDP
artist pulling a monotype
creating a transparency
Catherine is working on a acetate film as a positive for exposing to a photopolymer plate. The transparency is made to be exposed to the ultra violet light sensitive plate.

Closer look
Molly Aubry, a resident artist at the Rensing Center in Pickens, SC is working at Black Dog Press to complete a suite of monotypes and monoprints.
In the following photos of her working Molly is
  1. Molly working directly on a acrylic plate with oil inks for a monotype,
  2. followed by a print pulled from a plate that was prepared with gum then the image is painted with water color paints. When the damp paper is placed on the plate and run through the press it activates the water color and transfers it to the damp paper.
  3. Here Molly has printed a monoprint. This work is done from two acrylic plates, one with an image made with the dry point technique and the second with a direct application of ink using a brush.

working on the light table for amonotype
Below is a monoprint being pulled form a acrylic plate that has been worked with dry point lines. the second plate is a blank plate used for color development run first followed by the dry point plate.

These following three monotypes were produced by Molly in November during a 5.5 hour session. ghost prints were also pulled form the plates.  The last plate is  done with watercolor paints on a acrylic plate wiped down tight with gum Arabic that provided a release surface for the paints.
The other two were completed with multiple plates using oil based inks.


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