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Monotypes Monotypes (13 items)
Monotypes are singular printed images using one or multiple plates

Intaglio Intaglio (39 items)
Prints that are printed in multiples/limited editions of more than 5 prints.

Mixed media Mixed media (15 items)
This gallery will show works that fall into the area of mixed media and collage.

Relief  Relief (14 items)
Printes created from linoleum, or wood blocks. Images are printed in editions.

Monoprint Monoprint (35 items)
Monoprints are singular images similar to monotypes with the exception that there will be an element in the image that is repeatable. In my production of monoprints I have used multiple acrylic plates that are rolled with inks and in some examples one plate may have ink applied by offsetting ink from a relief block. Other examples I merge a drypoint image from a acrylic plate with a clean acrylic plate that will have inks that are rolled and manipulated as I would work a monotype plate. The drypoint will appear as a stable repeatable image and the other plate will vary from print to print, thus referred to as a monoprint.

Drawing Media Works Drawing Media Works (5 items)
Works in this Gallery are typically drawings done on paper in various media.

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