Studio Details
At Black Dog Press and Studio I offer workshops and private instruction in various printmaking media and can provide services as a master printer for collaborations with other artists to produce limited editions. Contract printing is possible for artists interested in having editions printed. See my page on the Studio Offering page under the Information tab for details.

My studio is equipped with two intaglio presses, a 14 x 26 German Craft Tool and a 24 x 48 Ettan. I have the ability to produce intaglio including traditional etching on zinc, copper and the non-toxic Solarplate (photo-polymer etching), relief printing with wood and linoleum, drypoint intaglio, monoprints and  monotypes from acrylic plates. The studio has a large light table for monotypes and two work tables to accommodate up to 4 students. At Black Dog Press I provide the opportunity for artists & students to expand their printing experience with exploring Chine colle', color reduction, or multiple block relief, multiple plate monotypes, and encourage all to try new ways of making printed images.

Artist Statement
As a printmaker I have always been excited about making marks that leave an impression on paper. The act of making marks in various print media provides  me an opportunity to be expressive in my imagery. Be it intaglio, relief or the singular monotype print, I find the task of arranging and manipulation of the medium a joyous path to my imagery. I find pleasure in creating a visual story for the viewer of my artistic work.



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