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Loved your Christmas card. Nice addition to my collection. I have had many positive comments from my friends with dogs.
-- May Welborn, 1/25/23

I will have to tour the print shop one day. It has been many years. My wife taught with you at sevier and you taught some of my kids. Tom Caudill
-- Tom Caudill, 8/16/18

Steve Still interested in some classes, one on one or group. Love ALL of your work! One of my profile pics in FB is a raven I got to eat a cracker from my hand at Delicate Arch. Crows are nice but ravens are mystical.
-- Corry Clark, 8/23/15

I found your post on "Czappa from West Prussia to Detroit". My husband is a 1st cousin 3 times removed to your Anton Czappa. We live in Michigan, his father's name was Bernard, son of Anthony Joseph Chappa. Joseph Czappa is the 2nd great grandfather of my husband Marvin (born and raised in Posen, MI). Just thought you'd like to know that your post is still working!
-- Cathy Lynn Chappa, 8/14/13

Hello Steven, I loved your Relief Printmaking Class. With your expertise and patience, I learned so much. I have a new understanding for this process and look forward to learning more. I highly recommend your class to anyone interested in printmaking! Thank you, Pat Kilburg
-- Pat Kilburg, 10/25/11

Like your work..Hope when you came in the gallery(Red Wolf) you saw a few of my pieces in the bin and a framed one... At my studio .. I have hundreds ..Come for a visit sometime..
-- Ann Dergara, 10/5/11

Hi Steven. I like your prints! Please put me on your mailing list. I'm interested in taking a workshop.
-- Aaron Fields, 9/30/11

Steve- how awsome ! Thanks for sharing! Sandy
-- Sandy Jackson, 9/11/11

Here I am again after some time wishing to keep us some email/normal corresondence. I never forget your hospitality during my staying with you.
-- Milan Stola, 1/30/11

Great to see you and Lora Sunday. I hope retirement is going well - you looked unstressed. Have a great holiday, May
-- May Welborn, 12/7/10

The site looks great!
-- Beth, 5/30/10

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