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Photopolymer Intaglio Printmaking
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Hello Steven, I loved your Relief Printmaking Class. With your expertise and patience, I learned so much. I have a new understanding for this process and look forward to learning more. I highly recommend your class to anyone interested in printmaking! Thank you, Pat Kilburg
-- Pat Kilburg, 10/25/11
"Hi Steven,
 Thanks so much for the awesome class!  I have a really great time, and have found a medium that I really enjoy.  I can't wait to get my hands on some more linoleum and then wood to carve away!  :)  I will be in touch for another class at the beginning of the year.  Thank you for the pictures, for your patience and for all the fun over the past 5 weeks.  I am really thankful to have taken your class."
Kind regards,
Erika --- Erika DeRoberts 10/24/12

" Mr. Chapp, Cathy and I are so appreciative of your assistance in mentoring Andrew on his senior project. Your guidance and structure were just the subscription for the limited time that he had to completer the assignment. We wish we had found you earlier." Andy Westbrook- Greer, SC 4/2013
"Steven Thank you for working with my students and demonstrating the printmaking process. It was great to have an expert to show my kids the "clean" way to print. Thanks for sharing your talents!" Donna Shank -Major, The Fine Arts Center, Greenville, SC 5/15/13

Future printmaking class offerings will be posted here.
Contact me if you are interested in the following:
  • reduction relief printmaking
  • monotype/ monoprints
  • drypoint on acrylic plates
  • photopolymer intaglio printing (non-toxic etching)

MONOTYPE WORKSHOP at the GCCA OCT.11th 10am- 2pm

Create a series of unique monoprints working in subtractive and additive methods.

We’ll learn to print a trace drawing print using a previous linear drawing placed over a sheet of printing paper. The drawing will be retraced using a pencil to apply pressure on the contours of the original drawing and the drawn areas will transfer the ink to the paper as a black line.  Working on a light table and using the same inked plate, we’ll re-work it to develop a new but similar image based on the previous drawing. Using the open line on the plate from the trace print as a guide we’ll start with the subtractive method, selecting areas to be wiped clean of the first ink application and altering the ink tonality and texture with various implements. Additional ink may be applied in the additive method like a painting with brayers and or brushes to develop additional line, texture, and values. 
Cost $95.
Click the image to go to the GCCA link to sign-up.

Solarplate workshop
Solarplate workshop
Solarplate workshop
relief class
monotype with watercolors

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